Thursday, 25 September 2008


Hello all. Here are photos from the lovely invigorating swim that Grettislaug was. It was really in the middle of nowhere, at the end of a very rough and long dirt road. The sort of place you would never just chance upon. It was a really enjoyable experience, to have the cold wind blowing in your hair while youre stewing in hot water. Parts of the pool are even boiling and you have to be careful, they regularly have to top up the natural thermal water with cold water to achieve the right temperature. Its the last week of my stay so it was about time I got into some water, as it is said by all icelanders that you havent really been to Iceland if you have not been in a pool! Better late than never. The concert was good too. We stopped for an inevitable hot dog at the even more inevitable petrol station, then drove to the High School where Megas was playing. Its a shame I speak no Icelandic, or even understand it for that matter, because clearly the music was all about the ironic (or so they seemed, from the laughs drawn out of the happy audience) and witty lyrics. There was a interval where some young Icelanders from the school played some music, and I was really impressed by their standard. They were in their early twenties, but their musical maturity was beyond their age. I thought about a concert of Olafur Arnald I saw in Hollywell Music Room in Oxford, a young Icelandic musical genius, and realised that Icelanders are very humble. They are quietly very good at what they do. I guess maybe it has to do with Iceland being a relatively small country, and the musical scene being smaller still, that the meaning of stardom or fame is put in perspective. Its a really refreshing attitude, compared to the Uk where charisma and attitude seem to have as much of a part to play as musical ability. Anyway. Enough rambling. I packed my paints and posted them back home today, and the air in Skagastrond has aromas of farewells and departures. I included a pic of the invitation / flyer for our open studio affair on Saturday. The end is near...

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